Native Plants

Native Plants

Thanks to generous funding from the Schuylkill River Greenways and Philadelphia Water Department, you will see a variety of native species along the Landing.

Here are just some plants you could find

In partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and Tend Landscape, these native species were chosen specifically for the River Landing to assist with riparian health and restoration, as well as stormwater management. 

Red Maples



‘Sugar Shacks’ (buttonbush)

‘Ruby Spices’ (summersweet)

Silky Dogwoods

Red Twig Dogwoods

‘Gro Lows’ (aromatic sumacs)

Swamp Roses

Prairie Roses

Pussy Willows

White Meadowsweets

Eastern Bluestars

Swamp Milkweeds

Parasol Whitetops

‘Lynnhaven Carpets’ (Robin’s Plantains)

‘Baby Joes’ (Joe Pye Weeds)

Blue Flag Irises

‘Kobolds’ (Blazing Stars)

Cardinal Flowers

‘Husker Reds’ and ‘Dark Towers’ (Beardtongues)

‘Solar Cascades’ (Goldenrods)

‘Purple Domes’ (New England Asters)

‘Raydon’s Favorites’ (Aromatic Asters)

‘Iron Butterflies’ (Ironweeds)

Heart-Leaved Meadow Parsnips

Golden Alexanders

Tussock Sedges

Soft Rushes

‘Shenandoah’s’ (Switchgrasses)

East Falls River Landing

Voices of the River

Water Safety

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