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For over 20 years, the East Fall Development Corporation has been the go-to organization for East Falls businesses, residents, and visitors for up-to-date planning information. Established to implement community plans related to economic revitalization in East Falls, we focus on the Riverfront Business District (Ridge and Midvale Avenues) as well as Conrad Street and other local businesses.

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Established to implement community plans related to economic revitalization in East Falls. We focus on the Riverfront Business District (Ridge and Midvale Avenues) as well as Conrad Street and other local businesses.

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This video is part of Our Neighborhoods, Our Businesses, Our Stories, a project funded through Congressman Dwight Evans’ Community Funding Grant. Partners for this project include VestedIn, Temple University Small Business Development Center, ShopPhilly1st, and the Small Business Administration. 

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Vault + Vine

The EFDC has been an invaluable resource to me as a business owner. As a new business owner with little experience, I have been fortunate enough to have access to guidance and resources that have allowed my business to survive.

This last year has been full of challenges that could have put us out of business, from a break in, to a street closure, and several utility service interruptions. The EFDC has been there every time to help us find stabilization funding, quick solutions, contact information for people who could help, and ways to reach out to customers to keep them coming through our doors. There have been times when the support that was needed was the opportunity to vent and have a shoulder to cry on, and I can say that we have had access to that too.

Beyond this, the EFDC has also provided plentiful opportunities to connect with neighboring businesses, allowing us to trade ideas and resources that continue to foster camaraderie and community. These opportunities and relationships have given life to other projects whose goals are to bring improvements to our neighborhood, therefore making the EFDC an anchor for both commerce and community development.

Tina Phillips, Owner, Famous 4th Street Cookie Company

The East Falls Development Corporation has been an integral part of my business’s success and development.  Through cooperation and support of the EFDC, we secured a StoreFront Improvement Program and were able to participate in the Philadelphia Police SafeCam Program.  The expertise, advice and assistance we received from EFDC was critical to our building’s security, maintenance, and beautification.  We are lucky to be a part of this beautiful community.  

East Falls Dry Cleaners

I appreciate EFDC for all they do- and for spending the time to help me fill out successful grant appications.  I am happy to know there is such help for the neighbors in East Falls.

VaceTime: Landscaping

I am so thankful for The East Falls Development Corporation for supporting and advocating for me since the day we connected. EFDC has made themselves available in numerous ways; from much needed grant information to the introduction of various members of their network, all of whom have been great. There are very few people in the world who genuinely love to help a small business owner, with EFDC I know I have a great organization for resources, but more importantly a reliable friend.

Bela Shehu, of NINObrand.

As the owner of NINObrand, a clothing line business located in East Falls, I am delighted to share my experience with the East Falls Development Corporation, and the invaluable support they have provided to our business. The EFDC has been instrumental in driving positive change and growth in our community, and their commitment to the economic development of East Falls is truly commendable. Their unwavering support, mentorship, and community engagement initiatives have not only benefited NINObrand but have also contributed to the overall prosperity of our neighborhood. I am immensely grateful for their support and look forward to continued collaboration for the betterment of East Falls.
Their deep-rooted commitment to revitalizing the riverfront business district and their long-term vision for the area have been truly inspiring. The East Falls Development Co. has effectively engaged with the community, actively incorporating feedback and ideas through charrettes and visioning sessions, ensuring that their initiatives align with the diverse needs of East Falls.
Their initiatives, such as highlighting and promoting local businesses through social media, organizing events, and creating networking opportunities, have been instrumental in raising awareness, and fostering a sense of pride and unity within East Falls.

Get Our Flood Mitigation and Preparation Toolkit!

Though Hurricane Ida touched our community more than a year ago, its impacts are still felt today – and extreme flooding will continue to affect our riverfront neighborhood in the years and decades to come. That is why the East Falls Development Corporation is proud to share our new flood preparation and mitigation toolkit.

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East Falls is home to a new access point to the Schuylkill River – the East Falls River Landing! Help our new Friends Group grow and maintain this site. Follow along on Facebook at Facebook.com/EFRLFG, or send a note to Michelle.feldman@eastfallspa.com to learn more + get involved.

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