How We Help East Falls

What are Community Development Corporations (CDCs)?

Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are community-driven nonprofits that work to raise the quality of life in a neighborhood. They can engage in a wide variety of activities, from providing social services to developing affordable housing, spearheading capital projects, and small business assistance/attraction.

Philadelphia is fortunate to have a robust network of CDCs, and a citywide convening and advocacy arm in the Philadelphia Association of CDCs (PACDC). The East Falls Development Corporation proudly works with both PACDC and our CDC colleagues throughout Northwest Philadelphia, and the entire city. 

How are Community Development Corporations different from other neighborhood-based entities?

While CDCs can take on many roles, many neighborhoods have different organizations that focus on specific community needs. For example, schools, recreation centers, and parks often have friends groups or advisory councils; civic associations or Registered Community Organizations concentrate on zoning; and Block Captains through the City’s Streets Department work to make sure their block is litter-free.

That said, every neighborhood is different! Some organizations fulfill multiple roles; residents and businesses work together – no matter the civic infrastructure of their community – to fulfill shared goals. 
Want to learn more about the various organizations doing good work here in East Falls? Visit the resources section of our website.

What does the East Falls Development Corporation do? 

The East Falls Development Corporation team works hard each day for the benefit of the entire East Falls community. How do we do that?  

– Small business convening, promotion, technical assistance, and attraction – including commercial corridor cleaning and beautification, workshops, disseminating information and connecting our small business owners to City officials and grant opportunities. We also work to bring new businesses to our neighborhood to fill any vacant or underutilized commercial spaces.
– Planning: EFDC engages in neighborhood-wide planning projects to determine the best possible interventions to make East Falls an even better community. This includes transportation planning, land use, and capital projects.
– Capital projects: EFDC works to raise funds and implement capital projects such as streetscaping and the new East Falls River Landing, based on expert planning and studies and community input.
– Promotion: We are a cheerleader for East Falls! Whether through our newsletter, social media, or outreach to citywide media outlets, we work to spread the good news about East Falls – and encourage Philadelphians from throughout the City to visit our community.
– Resource Connection: We work to put residents in touch with resources and information, whether that be through other East Falls organizations, citywide nonprofits, and businesses, or City government.
– Events: We work to support East Falls organizations and individuals planning and organizing neighborhood events.

How can EFDC help me? 

Small business owner looking to plug into resources, or in need of answers from the City?
Small business owner looking for new space in East Falls?
Check out our Business Assistance Resources

Resident in need of answers from the City, or with a great idea for East Falls but not sure who to talk to?
Not sure if EFDC is the right organization to reach out to about an issue you see in the neighborhood?
Have other questions about CDCs that you’d like us to answer here?  Ask us anything!

How can I get involved?

Roll up your sleeves with the East Falls Development Corporation! Head to the Support and Volunteer page of our website to learn more about how you can help us fulfill our mission, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, sign up for our newsletter, or reach out directly to michelle.feldman@eastfallspa.com with ideas or to join one of our committees.  

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