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The 1998 East Falls Riverfront MasterPlan emphasized the importance of traffic calming, walkability and the establishment of highly visible Gateways to announce arrival in East Falls.

 The East Falls Business District had no identifying signage, in fact the landmark entry to the community was the Sunoco Station.  In order to create a prominent, pedestrian friendly entrance to East Falls, EFDC embarked on a study and planning to create a pedestrian island, crosswalks and signage to tame traffic, provide safer passage for bikers and pedestrians. The pedestrian  Island would also help to establish East Falls prominent role as a Trailhead along the Schuylkill River trail systems and Gateway to the neighborhood.

As envisioned din the Master Plan, the gateway island and signage would let potential visitors know that they were entering the East Falls riverfront business district, and tame a “wild west” convergence of 9 road/driveways at one busy intersection at Kelly Cr and Midvale Ave.

EFDC established a Signage Committee to prioritize the various types of signage appropriate for the District’s needs, and begin development of an an identifying “East Falls” brand icon that could be used on the various signs as well as transferred to banners, promotional materials, and other graphic elements.

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