Paul and Kira, the fearless leaders behind Franklin’s right here in East Falls (3259 Cresson), ask themselves one question every day: how can they better create the feel and magic of a neighborhood bar? You can head to a bar in Center City any day of the week and get a decent drink, but the Franklin’s team wants to do better than that; they want Franklin’s to feel like home. They want to know your name, and have your order waiting for you right when you walk in the door.

As Kira says, “We want to be the spot that everybody can come in. We don’t care what you do, what you look like, just be kind, get along with everyone. And have a good time.”

Franklin’s opened their doors in East Falls ten years ago, and in that time their team has slowly but surely grown their business through word of mouth. Neighbors bring neighbors. Friends bring friends. And over that period of time, Paul and Kira have built what they are truly passionate about – and why they love the hospitality industry; they have built community. A place where people come together in good times and bad. For graduations and birthdays, and to honor loved ones who have passed. A place that fosters helping and supporting one another, and the larger East Falls and Philadelphia communities.

Paul and Kira have shown just how much they care about East Falls time and again – whether through partnering with charities like the SPCA, their annual toy giveback during the holiday season, or hiring local East Falls youth who need a chance. As Kira puts it, “my number one priority is that we are in a neighborhood and is to give back to the neighborhood.”

And East Falls has given back to Franklin’s. When the pandemic threatened to close their business, Fallsers showed up and kept the bar going. When Kira and her husband – Franklin’s head chef! – had a baby, Fallsers were there asking to see photos of their new daughter, and if they needed anything. As Paul says, “These people have our backs here. That’s what’s nice about it; you’re not going to get that in Center City.”

Neighborhood restaurants and bars are about good drinks and good food, without a doubt (and Franklin’s has that in spades). But as Paul and Kira demonstrate day after day, week after week, they are also about – as Paul says – “talking to people and making connections.” They’re about being there for one another, in ways big and small. They are important gathering spots that help build the fabric of a community.

So be a part of Franklin’s East Falls story on Instagram and Facebook at @FranklinsPubEastFalls, stop on by and say hi to Paul and Kira, have a drink and some tasty eats, and make a new friend or two.

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