Be Involved with EFDC

Board Members

Heidi E. Grunwald
Temple University
Director, Institute for Survey Research

G. Geoffrey Cromarty
Jefferson University
Vice President for Administration

 Jasmine Fields
Trolley Car Cafe
General Manager

 Ronan Gill
RGM Group
President & CEO

John Grady

Sharon Jaffe
WIT Design

Felicite Moorman
Bulogics, Inc.
CEO, Co-Owner

Kevin Duffy, CPA
FX Duffy & Co., Inc.

Greg Curci
Morgan Properties
Vice President

Marvina Furlow
Abbotsford Homes Tenant Council

 Doug Grom
Edward Jones

 John Hawkins
Philadelphia Strategies Group
President & CEO

 Kevin Todd
St. James School
Director of Graduate Support


We are always looking for volunteers to work on committees! If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact us.

Corridor Management
Dedicated to improving the public space in East Falls.

Current Projects:
1. Ridge Ave Streetscape Redevelopment
2. EFDC Office Facade Design
3. Gateway Improvement Projects

Marketing & Communications
Focused on improving and expanding the marking and communication of EFDC and the neighborhood overall.

Current Projects:
1. Event Planning
2. Logo Design
3. EFDC’s Social Media Presence

Economic Development
A committee to review, discuss, and plan developments in East Falls.

Finance Committee
A committee to review EFDC’s expenses and income.